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Hello, world

Written By: Bob - Sep• 30•11

After many fine years at Confederate Yankee I decided it was time for a change of scenery.

Confederate Yankee will continue to exist, but I’m slowly planning to transition my blogging here full-time, and will be using exclusively for all new content starting in 2012. After that, CY will exist only as an archive for as long as Pixy Mesa will tolerate it. I will always be a Munuvian at heart, and thank him for his hospitality.

For those of you who came over from CY, I hope you like the new digs. I’ll still write about politics, but that isn’t going to be my singular focus… believe it or not, I have a life.

I swear.

I’m a husband, father, web developer, intuitive cook (recipes are for people who don’t like surprises), black-thumb gardener (I can kill almost anything), and aspiring fiction writer, on top of all the other things you might have heard of me.

So here I am. Let’s get started.

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One Comment

  1. Gene Owens says:

    Having supported you for forty years (in many ways), I will continue to follow you and may even comment.