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Oh, WordPress…

Why must you arbitrarily insert unnecessary <div> tags into my code, making my paragraphs run together? If I wanted to hand-code the site I would have stayed on my old CMS. Stop, please.

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Thank You, Occupiers

While I’ve admittedly mocked the Occupy protestors (more on Twitter than here), I haven’t been able to generate the least bit of anger for them. I’m often exasperated with them, and confused by them, and wonder what the heck they are thinking. If that sounds a lot like a parent talking, well, you wouldn’t be […]

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No media bias here

A Presidential candidate is traced by an eyewitness to a late-night hotel rendezvous with a beautiful young woman who is not his wife, and several prominent media outlets who have actually spoken with the eyewitness chose to spike the story to protect the politician. – or maybe – A Presidential candidate is traced by an eyewitness […]

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Hello, Gorgeous

I’ve written about Templar Custom rifles numerous times, from the full-auto .50 Beowulf PDW that I’ve had the opportunity to fire on several occasions to the Multi-Caliber-Weapons System (MCWS) that I reviewed for Shooting Illustrated recently. Well, now I have one of my own. It probably doesn’t look like much in this photo, just another M-forgery, […]

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Steal, Loot, Scavenge

Thanks to a little encouragement here—and the fact I can’t seem to get the idea out of my head—I’ve started plotting out some ideas behind the novel I want to write. I’ve a rough bullet-point outline of the first four chapters, and have already run into an interesting moral theme that I’ve run into in […]

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