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CA open carry movement finds new way to piss off Californians

Written By: Bob - Oct• 23•11

I’m going to probably irritate some people by saying this, but the open carry movement in California is an extended hissy fit that does nothing but provide, um, ammunition to gun prohibitionists. Their antics recently got another right taken away from Californians, and now they can’t carry handguns in public, they’re further alienating the citizens they need to get support from by walking around with long-arms in display.

How long is it going to be until the same folks who just passed the handgun ban do the same with rifles?

Look, I totally get that they’re trying to make a political point, but they suck at marketing themselves to the public and deepen the stigma some have of “gun nuts.”

The simple fact of the matter is that these small bands of open carry advocates may as well be working for the Brady Campaign.

After all, unlike the Brady Bunch, the OC movement can claim the successful passage of a new gun law was based upon their advocacy.

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  1. How do you know they aren’t? “Under the radar,” remember?

  2. Phelps says:

    If they couldn’t walk around with guns before, how is it that they’ve lost the right to walk around with guns?

    I’m not with them on the tactic, but you have to at least conceded this point. They’ve lost nothing. This is the same situation as in Jim Crow southern times when black people technically had the right to vote, but would suffer harassment and jailing by the cops on pretenses if they showed up at the polls. That right simply wasn’t.

  3. Curly says:

    *shrug* I guess that puts me in the rabid minority then. because outside of laws stating that no one convicted of crimes like felony assualt, assault and battery..etc, and people with diagnosed really bad mental problems like schizophrenia, can own guns. There should be no laws on the books in respect to guns. Outside of those two exceptions I just mentioned…he 2nd amendment is the ONLY ‘gun law’ we need AFAIC.

  4. redc1c4 says:

    as a native Californian, i think that betting AB 144 may have been just what we needed, since the existence of “open carry” was used by various courts as an excuse to not act on the policy of many law enforcement agencies here, such as the LAPD, to refuse any and all requests for CCW’s.

    Resident Evil and i are going to apply for ours right after the first of next year, citing, Heller, Chicago, and the open carry ban as the pertinent reasons we should be issued permits. the LAPD will undoubtedly refuse us, but it will be the beginning of a nice little legal exercise.

  5. McThag says:

    I think that the law kinda makes their point.