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Clinton confirms DOJ/DHS committed felonies in Operation Fast and Furious

Written By: Bob - Oct• 28•11

Sometimes it really does get just this simple. By denying that State played any role at all in Operation Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton has thrown Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano under the bus at highway speeds.

“How?” you may be asking. Simple.

According to the Arms Export Control Act, only the State Department can authorize the export of weapons. Every weapon that the multi-agency strike force made up mostly of Department of Justice and Homeland Security personnel sent over the Mexican border should equal a felony, for at least 2,020 felonies in Operation Fast and Furious alone.

Eric Holder’s December 8 agreement to appear in front of Congress under oath just got a lot more interesting. Maybe after his trial Holder, can share a cell with Jerome Pendzich until we get him and Napolitano extradited to Mexico for the 200 plus counts of their being accessorys to murder.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    We should be so lucky… And there are STILL a bunch of questions re State’s involvement in other programs that are just now coming out.

  2. Richard Flanary says:

    “DOJ/DHS” is incorrect. “DOJ/ATF” would be the accurate indication of the agencies involved in “Fast and Furious”.

    DHS (in particular – HSI) is an agency charged with enforcement of the the export laws (AECA) related to munitions. There was no HSI involvement in this so-called operation. On the contrary, HSI would have been able to easily make an export law violation stick against anyone trying to take weapons to Mexico.

    • Bob says:

      DOJ/DHS is in fact correct.

      Both cabinet-level departments were involved in this plot, which was made clear very early on by whisteblowers and which has been substantiated by documentation.