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Did Valley Forge have Starbucks?

Written By: Bob - Oct• 28•11

I feel such pity for those poor souls of Occupy Wall Street, and all they are prepared to endure:

Anti-Wall Street protesters around the U.S. who are vowing to stand their ground against the police and politicians are also digging in against a different kind of adversary: cold weather.

With the temperature dropping, they are stockpiling donated coats, blankets and scarves, trying to secure cots and military-grade tents, and getting survival tips from the homeless people who have joined their encampments.

“Everyone’s been calling it our Valley Forge moment,” said Michael McCarthy, a former Navy medic in Providence. “Everybody thought that George Washington couldn’t possibly survive in the Northeast.” Valley Forge in Pennsylvania was the site of the Continental Army’s winter camp during the Revolutionary War.

More than a month and a half into the movement, Occupy Wall Street activists from New York to Colorado have pledged to tough out the snow, sleet and cold as they protest economic inequality and what they call corporate greed.

I’ve never personally been to Valley Forge, but I did live for a while in New Windsor, New York, where I had the opportunity to tour the Last Cantonment, where General Washington spent his last winter with the Continental Army.  The parallels between what our Revolutionary forefathers and our heroes in the Occupy Wall Street Movement are going through are eerily similar.

The Continentals had to forage the rock-strown hillsides for game and buy or barter with local farmers for food as General Washington plead to Congress for food, clothing, and supplies. Occupy Wall Street has to battle the homeless for the choicest arugula and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad.

The Continental soldiers went without pay while risking their lives to fight as underdogs for a cause that could have cost them everything, including their lives. The Protestors at Occupy Wall Street are also mostly without pay, making it tough on those with $5,500 laptops, or making just $10-an-hour working for socialist front groups.

Surrounded by extravagance, outfitted with the latest technologies and entertainments, and somehow sustaining their ability to bang drums for minutes, even hours at a time, the protestors are exactly like  the patriots serving at Valley Forge.

Except, of course, the patriots weren’t trying to turn us over to the tyranny of King George…

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  1. Curly says:

    they’re delusional.