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MSM reporters advising “Occupy” groups while reporting on them

Written By: Bob - Oct• 17•11

The news organizations that employee people colluding with the people they are writing about have a moral obligation to terminate them immediately:

Big Journalism has learned that the Occupy Washington DC movement is working with well-known media members to craft its demands and messaging while these media members report on the movement. Someone has made the emails from the Occupy D.C. email distro public and searchable. The names in the list are a veritable who’s who in media.

Journolist 2.0 includes well known names such as MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, Rolling Stone’s Matt Tiabbi who both are actively participating; involvement from other listers such as Bill Moyers and Glenn Greenwald plus well-known radicals like Noam Chomsky, remains unclear. The list also includes a number of Occupy organizers, such as one of the Occupy Wall Street main organizers Kevin Zeese.

Why fire them?

Take your pick:

  • conflict of interest
  • undisclosed involvement with the subjects of the story
  • helping fabricate the event on which they are reporting

It appears they are no longer pretending to teach ethics in the top journalism schools, or attempting to enforce any sort of code of honor or ethics in the newsrooms… if they ever did.

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  1. Curly says:

    yep even one of the people from Fox News got into the “I understand you, you have a point, don’t let the jerks like that take over your movement” trap. There’s video of it. Care to guess WHICH fox opinionator..went there?