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Occupy Phoenix picks up support from armed neo-Nazis

Written By: Bob - Oct• 27•11

SayUncle has this listed.

I only listened about halfway through because the conversation was going nowhere, but yeah, this is a group of armed guys that state that they’ve shown up to protect the Occupy Phoenix protestors from the police. The patrol leader/spokesman, goes by the handle of “JT” and does all the talking.

This is also JT:

J.T. (Jason Todd) Ready, a former member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, specializes in bashing immigrants. After being court-martialed twice, Ready was discharged from the Marines for bad conduct in 1996. Ready, who has run for various Arizona offices usually without success, advocates for the placement of landmines on the border and rails against Jews and nonwhites. In June 2010, Ready led a group of armed extremists into the Arizona desert to apprehend immigrants and drug smugglers.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Ready has walked up to the line of losing his Second Amendment rights, if he isn’t actually barred from owning weapons. He was discharged (kicked out) of the Marines for bad conduct, and has been arrested numerous times, but has always managed to avoid a felony prosecution.

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  1. Curly says:

    he actually said something I can agree with. Holy crap…a neo nazi said something I can agree with? I AM going to hell.

  2. Jeff Peaco says:

    A BCD is a felony conviction, does he have the right to bear Arm ?