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Sure you want to poke that bear?

Mother Jones is having a hissy fit because Mittens hired Walid Phares for his Middle East advisory group. Phares stands accused of belonging to a group accused of atrocities in Lebanon’s brutal war. No, they aren’t accusing him of committing or ordering atrocities. In fact, they specifically quote someone as saying that Phares never fired […]

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To write, or not to write

I’m been toying with the idea of writing a novel for the last few months or so, or rather, the idea has been toying with me. As a reader I tend to get on genre benders (note I said genre, not gender, Chaz) and devour everything I can get my hands on by a specific […]

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Straw purchaser in Jaime Zapata killing pleads guilty

Despite the fact that ATF and NSSF have jointly run a program for years called Don’t Lie for the Other Guy, warning that straw purchasers face up to ten years in prison per gun, the Obama Department of Justice claimed as one of their reasons for gun-walking that it was too hard to get convictions […]

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Occupy Phoenix picks up support from armed neo-Nazis

SayUncle has this listed. I only listened about halfway through because the conversation was going nowhere, but yeah, this is a group of armed guys that state that they’ve shown up to protect the Occupy Phoenix protestors from the police. The patrol leader/spokesman, goes by the handle of “JT” and does all the talking. This […]

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Back from AEA

We (another developer, our QA resource, and I) got back from An Event Apart DC yesterday, and it was one heck of a conference. If you’re in front-end web work as a designer or developer I can’t recommend it enough. The speakers were brilliant, the content fast-paced, and the food was great. I’m going to spend […]

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