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In the studio with Cam & Company tomorrow night

Since I’m already in Alexandria and just over a mile from the studio, I’ll be visiting Cam and Company¬† tomorrow night at 9:20 PM. If you ever wanted to see what I looked like or what I sound like, here’s your chance. Update: Got sick. didn’t make it out of my hotel room at all […]

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Awesome geekery so far

As I mentioned yesterday I’m at An Event Apart in Alexandria, VA, and really digging it so far. We’ve heard from Zeldmann and Keith so far, and Andy Budd is on deck. If anyone is interested in keeping up with the conference as it rolls on, you can connect via your web browser at A […]

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Exclusive: Detonics MTX pistols coming off the line

The modular Detonics .45 is starting to come off the production lines, and are almost ready to go out to the distributor. Here are four exclusive shots I got from the factory.

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CA open carry movement finds new way to piss off Californians

I’m going to probably irritate some people by saying this, but the open carry movement in California is an extended hissy fit that does nothing but provide, um, ammunition to gun prohibitionists. Their antics recently got another right taken away from Californians, and now they can’t carry handguns in public, they’re further alienating the citizens […]

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Road trip!

I’ll be hitting the highways in a couple of hours, on my way up to Alexandria, VA, for An Event Apart DC 2011. I’m particularly interested interested in the responsive web design and content strategy sessions, as those are going to be very important to a major project my web team is leading, as we’re […]

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