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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Sure you want to poke that bear?

Written By: Bob - Oct• 27•11

Mother Jones is having a hissy fit because Mittens hired Walid Phares for his Middle East advisory group. Phares stands accused of belonging to a group accused of atrocities in Lebanon’s brutal war. No, they aren’t accusing him of committing or ordering atrocities. In fact, they specifically quote someone as saying that Phares never fired a bullet in his life. They’re attacking him for being part of the intellectual braintrust behind the movement.

This comes from Mother Jones, radical leftist ideologues that have sticky posters of Barack Obama tacked to their bedroom walls.

I hate to break it to you guys, but whatever Phares did, he’s just an advisor to a candidate.

Barack Obama is the head of an executive branch that deliberately armed narco-terrorists, leading to the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens, according to Mexican Attorney General Morales. And the Obama Administration did it on purpose.

I despise Mittens, but I’d feel more comfortable with him in office being advised by a former terrorist (if that is what MoJo wants to claim Phares is), than see the second term of a man that I strongly suspect was behind a plot that killed hundreds in order to undermine the Constitution.

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