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The gloves come off at the Las Vegas Republican debate

Written By: Bob - Oct• 19•11

The seven Republican candidates (Cain, Romney, Perry, Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann, and Paul) had a wide-ranging, and sometimes vicious debate last night in Las Vegas. Cain bore attacks from all sides on his 9-9-9 plan which was expected due to his frontrunner status. He couldn’t easily parry the attacks, but he remained calmed and even keeled, unlike some of the other candidates. What hurt him the most was a pre-debate comment when it sounds like he might be amenable to a prisoner swap of terrorists for captured American soldiers. We. Do. Not. Negotiate. With. Terrorists.

Unless you’re from Chicago.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry looked like they might come to blows (not what I meant, President Clinton) at one point, and were at each other’s throats for the bulk of the night.

Ron Paul was present in an ill-fitting suit spouting the same sort of naive foreign policy we’ve come to expect from America’s Crazy Uncle between flashes of admirable domestic policies, while Rick Santorum became what I called him on Twitter early in the debate and rarely veered from that characterization, promising the most annoying Presidency in American history if somehow elected. Admiral Michele Bachmann got her crazy eyes on again and was the butt of an unending series of jokes regarding her Sgt. Pepper inspired choice of apparel.

In a night where the long knives came out early and cuts ran deep, I’d have to rate the debate a tie between Mitt Romney and Herman Cain. Rick Perry did better than he’s done so far, but that’s damning with faint praise. Newt Gingrich once again gave the best answers; too bad he is a great intellect trapped in the body of a moral septic tank. In my opinion, Santorum and Bachmann should start making other career plans, and soon. So should Ron Paul, who has my chance of getting elected, but he has too much support among the 99% of Americans on lithium.

It’s going to be a long primary season.

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  1. Watchman says:

    I know they’re all competing against each other, but less about the others and more about Obama would be helpful. The focus of these debates (not helped by the choice of moderators) has been so much on intramural warfare. A candidate who went after Obama with as much passion and intensity as they seem to be turning on each other would probably benefit greatly.

  2. Curly says:

    I heard one caller on a radio show today compare the back and forth between Romney and Perry last night to
    watching a couple of obnoxious children beating on each other to decide who had the biggest…..stick.