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Wait, what? Fake signatures in Indiana ’08 Dem primary

Written By: Bob - Oct• 18•11

I’m not quite sure what this could mean, or if it means anything at all at this point.

Minus suspected fakes, then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama likely fell short of the number of signatures needed to appear on the 2008 Indiana primary ballot, and it’s possible his opponent, Hillary Clinton, did as well, according to information obtained by The Tribune as part of an investigation into suspected ballot petition fraud.

Obama garnered just 534 primary votes in the 2nd Congressional District, and if 35 of those were fraudulent and therefore disallowed, he he would not appear on the 2008 Presidential ballot in Indiana. If he was not eligible in Indiana, then he is disallowed as a Presidential candidate, as he has to be a valid candidate in all 50 states.

In short, if the Tribune pushes this case and finds Obama was not a valid candidate because of 2nd Congressional District fraud orchestrated by his fellow Democrats, then it would seem that his Presidency and every law he’s signed since he’s been President are invalid. This would create a dangerous constitutional crisis in an already unstable economy.

I am hardly an Obama fan and would like to see him rot in a Mexican prison or see him in a federal penitentiary for the murderous Gunwalker plot, following the rule of law to the letter to get the necessary prosecutions. A constitution crisis that suggests the current President is invalid would rip the country apart, and I don’t know what the mechanism for his replacement would be.

Would John McCain and Sarah Palin automatically be elevated to the Presidency and Vice Presidency by virtue of being the second-place finishers? Or would Speaker of the House John Boehner suddenly find himself thrust into the Presidency due to succession rules? And what would happen to the laws, spending, hirings and appointments made since January 20, 2009?

It’s too terrible to contemplate,and would like bring the nation down around our ears. Let Obama enjoy the fruits of his stolen election, if that is what it is.  We’ll be cleaning up afte him for decades to come, either way.


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  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Interesting thought experiment Bob. I’d daresay that succession rules would apply and that “President” Boehner would uphold those actions passes by the usurper to avoid chaos.

  2. Cheney made an interesting point in his book about the lack of a clear means to remove the VP from office should he become incapacitated. He therefore crafted a resignation letter that his chief of staff secured in his own home with instructions to deliver it to the president should the need arise. He insisted only the president could receive it to allow him, and only him, to make the decision.
    BTW, I live in the 2nd District (alas). On election day, I was told I wasn’t on the rolls so I couldn’t vote, even though I had a valid registration card in hand and had lived in Cass County for 2+ years. After a…testy…phone call to the county court house, I went back to vote but was still told my vote would only be “conditional” until they could confirm my eligibility. I’m still not sure my vote was counted…which REALLY hurt after defending my (and their) right to do so in the USAF for 26+ years.
    It sucks to be a Republican here and the Dem incumbent (Joe Donnelly) is a slippery SOB who talks moderate but voted for all the big Pelosi initiatives. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if something like that happened in this district.
    Good news is, I think Donnelly will be out of a job thanks to redistricting…which is why he’ll run for the Senate in 2012. Plus, he faces Lugar, a RINO to be sure but a tough barnacle to remove (assuming Mourdock doesn’t defeat him in the primary).

  3. What Would Founding Fathers Do says:

    indiana seems to be ground zero for corruption of late. This voter fraud potentially turns the USA in chaos. We also have the ATF reportedly supplying guns to gangs in the same area. We are past due for voter reform so fraud can’t be handed to the classless on a silver ballot.