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BREAKING: Oswald assassinated JFK. Alone.

Written By: Bob - Nov• 18•11

Oliver Stone hardest hit.

“I’d say a main thrust of it is to break the stranglehold that the Zapruder film has on our perception of what happened. In a sense, we’ve all been ‘Zaprudered,'” he said. “The film was so graphic, disturbing, mesmerizing, that it became more of our perspective on the assassination than even the perspective of the assassin, which should never have happened.”

Another startling claim of the NatGeo team is that the new digital upgrades allow the public to see, in the amateur footage taken that day by Robert Hughes, a shadowy figure moving about inside the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building — a figure believed to be Oswald.

“And our conclusion is that he fired three shots in about 11 seconds, which is almost double, you know, the six seconds in Dallas meme that most people know when they think about the assassination: six seconds, three shots in six seconds. We say three shots in 11 seconds, which is a much easier — for I’d say, someone of Oswald’s skill — effortless task,” Holland said.

Oswald was a good shot (he was a Marine), but his shots were far from being a superhuman effort for a single shooter as some had postulated over the years. The newest look with the latest technology just reinforces what all the other previous information has indicated.

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  1. harp1034 says:

    11 seconds my foot. I will go to my grave believing in a conspiracy. 48 years after the assassination most people have made up their mind. I have an aunt who is almost 90. She says she will go to her grave believing LBJ was a murderer.
    We are all free to believe what want.

  2. Steve in TN says:

    Every Marine a Rifleman.

  3. louielouie says:

    my impression is distorted by my visit to daley plaza. growing up, i had this idea of a huge expansive area. in the early 90s, a friend very familiar with dallas took me there. i walked into the plaza from the book depository side. as i surveyed the area, i said to myself, “is this all there is?” the place is a big living room. one thing else to remember/notice is the book depository is a building from the 30s. if you use a present day building for comparison, think 3rd floor high. the shot taken would have been fifty yards, tops.

  4. Phelps says:

    I live in Dallas. I’ve had lunch in Dealey Plaza many times. I’ve been to the Sixth Floor museum and looked out that window at the spot.

    I’m a good shot, but not great, and I could make that shot in three rounds on cars at the normal traffic pace. It’s about a 80 yard shot, from above, very little deflection as they are going away. And no, Dealey Plaza is not a big place. It’s two blocks wide, about 100 yards a block.

    Take a look for yourself on google maps.

  5. chrispy says:

    I’m not convinced. First of all, you can’t add detail to an image that’s not already there, I don’t care what kind of “digital upgrades” you have. Secondly, Oswald wasn’t a particularly good shot. Most importantly, why would Oswald not shoot when JFK was moving almost straight towards him on Houston Street, and instead wait for him to be traveling away at an angle (not to mention through a tree) on Elm? Trained marksman or not, anyone would take the much easier earlier shot. On the other hand, the spot where JFK actually was hit would be ideal for a shot from the grassy knoll.

    I’ve lived most of my life believing the conspiracy theories were completely crazy, but after having seen Dealey Plaza in person, I’ll never be convinced Oswald acted alone.