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Colorado family wonders if son was murdered with weapons “walked” into Mexico by Obama Administration

Written By: Bob - Nov• 05•11

Magnify this 200 times, and you’ll begin the grasp the magnitude of Operation Fast and Furious, the worst scandal in American political history.

9Wants to Know spoke with relatives of a Colorado man killed in Mexico who say the government could have played a role in his death.

When suspected cartel members shot and killed Jake Reyes Neal in March, they used AK-47s that were likely smuggled from the United States. His family in Aurora wonders if the U.S. government put those weapons in the hands of the killers.

Tania Nava, 21, remembers being woken up by the sound of gunmen breaking down the door to their home in the Mexican border city of Juarez.

“We’ll never forget what we saw that night,” Nava said. “That’s the last time I saw him.”

Neal told his wife and their son, Anthony, to hide in a bathroom as he confronted the intruders.

“That’s the last thing I heard. And then the shots,” Nava said.

A noble president once noted the obvious responsibility of that office, famously noting, “The buck stops here.”

The ultimate responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious lies with President Barack Obama.

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One Comment

  1. Chris says:

    The man in the White House put weapons into the hands of drug cartel members. Not only were firearms allowed to be sold to straw purchasers on the orders of ATF officials but money was provided to those straw buyers by members of other so-called law enforcement organizations.

    It’s semi-plausible that the gunwalking was the responsibility of a few low-level agents. I qualify it as semi-plausible because it is demonstrated that higher ups all the way to the White House staff knew about it.

    But only orders from on high could coordinate other agencies issuing money to straw buyers AND ATF agents on the phone ordering the sales to go through AND agents on the ground ordered not to pursue.

    There were NO SYSTEMS IN PLACE to track the arms after they were sold to straw buyers. None. The cover story that this was an attempt to track the arms has no substance because there never was a system to track the weapons. DID NOT EXIST. You can’t claim you are going to track something and then not be able to demonstrate how that tracking would work. That cover story is a bald-faced lie and anyone repeating it is either too stupid to be trusted or lying to you.

    This was an attempt to smear legal gun dealers. It was an attempt to smear legal gun buyers. It was an attempt to enact legislation to curtail Constitutionally recognized rights of free citizens.

    The only part of this whole story that is true is that the operation went wrong. It went wrong when the public found out about it and recognized it for the conspiracy to violate civil rights that it is.