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Concealed carry bill passes U.S. House

Written By: Bob - Nov• 17•11

A concealed carry reciprocity bill passed in the House of Representatives yesterday in a bipartisan vote.

The House of Representatives passed a measure Wednesday that would make a permit to carry a concealed firearm from one state valid in any state that allows citizens to carry concealed weapons. The vote was 272 to 154.

The National Rifle Association-backed measure had the backing of the vast majority of Republicans along with a coalition of pro-gun rights Democrats.

A matching bill has not been brought forward in the Democrat-led Senate. But gun rights advocates have previously nearly-successfully attempted to attach a similar measure to unrelated legislation.

I know that the media is trying to create a divide on the issue, stating that some conservatives have a problem with the bill overriding the issue of state rights. That argument is hogwash. The inalienable human right to self defense, codified in the Second Amendment, greatly outweighs the right of the government to unduly restrict that right.

Yes, I know that not everyone shares that opinion.

The House-passed bill is a nice gesture, but unless the Senate passes a similar act and it is enacted into law, then it remains little more than a symbolic victory.

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  1. MrSpkr says:

    Given the number of stated that already have reciprocity with one another (for example, my state, Texas, has reciprocity agreements with 35 other states; of the remaining fifteen, seven or “may issue” states and one, Illinois, does not allow any concealed carry permits), isn’t this little more than window dressing?

  2. MrSpkr says:

    Ugh. I hate iPhone spellchecker.