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Detonics MTX-H revealed

Written By: Bob - Nov• 30•11

The Detonics MTX I’ve been drooling over for a loooong time (since back when it was just called the “split frame” or “hybrid” in-house) has been officially released on the Detonics Web site for pre-order. I’m not sure where the extra “-H” came from. Long-time Detonics collector “melensdad” already has his hands on the first production gun (destined for a lonely existence as a “safe queen”) and the well-used prototype.

Detonics MTX Compact 45 ACP pistol

Detonics MTX Compact 45 ACP pistol in black (click to enlarge)

I’m told I’ll be getting one “soon,” and it will be reviewed here once I’ve had a chance to put a couple of hundred rounds through it.

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  1. Bob says:

    Well I am “melensdad” and I’ve been shooting the prototype and it is nothing short of AWESOME.

    We had it at the cigar lounge last night and a bunch of us were playing with it (yes, unloaded) and the feeling was universal, it is a revolutionary design that is more than the sum of its parts. Pawing over the gun was a diverse crowd that included several former military folks from a South African who fought in Angola to a National Guardsman who fought in the sandbox of Iraq. Everyone appreciated the advanced ergonomics.

    Little things like the subtle shape of the hammer, not apparent in the photos, it is actually bowl shaped and your thumb is grabbed by the serrations unlike any other hammer I’ve ever laid a thumb on. But that is just one of many little things.

    Start to drool boys, its that good.