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Detonics MTX available for pre-order

Written By: Bob - Nov• 01•11
Detonics MTX Modular .45 ACP pistol

The new compact Detonics MTX .45 ACP pistol (r) is now available for pre-order. (click to embiggin')

The Detonics MTX is so new that it isn’t even posted as content on their web site yet, and  I seem to be just about the only person writing about it.

It is a split-frame modular .45 featuring a 1911-compatible top-end and a proprietary modular frame system that will allow users to switch out between full-size and compact grips in both double stack and single stack variants, and switch top ends for compact of full-length barrels.

The compact variant is rolling off the assembly line now and is available for pre-order from Detonics at 618-476-3200.

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    I just wandered over from Ace’s to check out the new digs and this is the top post? Wow. Someone just got added to the favorites bar.