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Ex-deputy sheriff pleads guilty of buying machine guns for Blackwater

Written By: Bob - Nov• 15•11

The Camden County, NC Sheriff’s Department had 34 selective-fire assault rifles – real ones – for the rural 12-man organization. Shockingly, the BATFE decided the math didn’t add up:

A former deputy pleaded guilty Monday in U.S. District Court to using the Camden County Sheriff’s Office as a front to buy automatic weapons for the military contractor formerly known as Blackwater.

Jonathan Worthington, 45, who worked as a Camden deputy and as a firearms instructor for Blackwater, used Sheriff’s Office letterhead in spring 2005 to buy 17 AK-47s from an import company known as Century International Arms and 17 M4s from Bushmaster.

That resulted in charges of aiding and abetting others by making false statements related to records required of a licensed firearms dealer.

As a private firearms dealer, Blackwater could not possess more than two fully automatic weapons. Police agencies, however, are allowed to have automatic weapons.

The Camden Sheriff’s Office served as the legal buyer, but in reality, Blackwater paid for the weapons and stored them in a secure armory at the company’s compound in Camden County, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Bowler said.

What the article doesn’t clearly address is why Blackwater seemed to think it needed such weapons. The military and law enforcement teams they typically trained were quite capable of bringing their own weapons.

Maybe we’ll find out when five former Blackwater executives go on trial for their roles in this trainwreck.

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