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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: First Production Detonics MTX .45 ACP being test-fired

Written By: Bob - Nov• 18•11

Bruce Siddle of Detonics sent me exclusive video of the first new production Detonics MTX begin test fired.

Yes, it is gritty cell phone video and doesn’t provide close-up detail of the new pistol, but I’ll be providing plenty of that in the near future. I am honored to have the exclusive media access to the MTX as it debuts.

Detonics MTX Modular .45 ACP pistol

The new compact Detonics MTX .45 ACP pistol (r) is now available for pre-order. (click to embiggin')

To the best of my knowledge, the Detonics MTX release marks the first time a new firearm is being provided to an independent gun-writer/gun blogger for an exclusive release. I’ll be interviewing Detonics CEO Bruce Siddle this weekend. If all goes well I’ll be getting this MTX particular in the next week or so.

Folks, I’ve got the inside track on this firearm, and promise you are going to see something very new, and very, very cool. The MTX is available for pre-order from Detonics at 618-476-3200.

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