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Fire Paterno, but keep Holder?

Written By: Bob - Nov• 10•11 ‘s Deputy Managing Editor Elisabeth Meinecke points out the absurd double-standard the media is applying to two despicable scandals occurring right now, and wonders why those that enabled the lesser crime are being treated more harshly.

What happened at Penn State — or what seems pretty likely to have happened at Penn State — is sick. It’s disgusting. And people reacted strongly to it. The main headline of that reaction didn’t even involve the man who committed the crime. It involved the man under whose watch, whose program and whose school the crimes were committed.  Many people have argued–despite the students who rallied in support of him yesterday–that Penn State head coach and football legend Joe Paterno had no excuse for not knowing or doing more about the molestation of boys by one of his coaches (it makes you sick to type about it, actually). People are saying that it’s not enough that Paterno should leave at the end of the year. Bottom line: it’s his program, and he’s accountable. He should go now.

But across the news cycle, this cry for accountability seemed to vanish when applied to a similar situation in the political world, a place where a program cost someone his life and responsibility always seemed to be the job of someone else. Operation Fast and Furious, as Townhall’s Katie Pavlich has documented, was a program under the Department of Justice from 2009 to 2010. Its mismanagement and corruption cost at least 200 Mexicans their lives, as well as the life of a U.S. border agent. That is a hefty body count. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder, in that position from 2009 till now, has claimed he knew nothing of it till 2011 (and his story has changed at least once on when the program was brought to his attention). He has refused to apologize to the border agent’s family. There hasn’t been a grand cleaning of house sweep that people are hinting could happen in the Penn State situation…

Paterno’s failure was in not aggressively pursuing a pedophile that worked for him. He has apologized for that and has been fired after an otherwise illustrious and legendary career.

Holder’s failure has been presiding over an operation that has led to the deaths of 200+ people.

Two. Hundred. People. Dead as a result of this one gun-walking operation.

And that’s just the current body count, with over half the weapons still unaccounted for.

Holder has not apologized for a single death, refuses to accept responsibility, or hold anyone else responsible. Instead, he appoints a friend (that reports to him)to run a sham “investigation” that hasn’t found anything in eight months, and never will.

The media, led by the Washington Post, New York Times, and Associated Press, responds by aggressively covering for him, attacking the investigators of this criminal conspiracy at every turn. Ditto for House and Senate Democrats, and the President, who states he has full confidence in the Attorney General.

Meinecke’s criticism is withering, because it is dead-on. The mainstream media and the Democratic Party are supporting a murderous conspiracy.

Why aren’t they being held accountable?

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