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First Occupy killing confirmed in Vermont. Update: murder in Oakland

Written By: Bob - Nov• 10•11

I asked yesterday how long it would be before the Occupy movement finally killed someone.

The answer? Less than 24 hours.

A 35-year-old man died Thursday from a gunshot wound sustained at the “Occupy Burlington” encampment, but the circumstances surrounding the shooting were unclear, the Burlington Free Press reported.

The man was transported to a nearby hospital in “grave” condition at around 2:20pm local time but he later died of his wounds. A gun was recovered in City Hall Park, where “Occupy Burlington” protesters have been camped since Oct. 28, the newspaper said.

Early indications from the crack forensic staff of the drum circle are that the death was self-inflicted. Police are being more cautious, and haven’t speculated just yet.

I guess I need to be more specific: When do you think that the first Occupy murder will take place?

Update: Good grief. And if the murder wasn’t bad enough, they beat the crap out of the journalists trying to cover it. Mustn’t have people seeing the truth behind the narrative, you know.

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