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Former Fast and Furious U.S. Attorney cops to leaking info about whistleblower

Written By: Bob - Nov• 08•11

Now-former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke has copped to being the leaker who tried to undermine ATF whistleblower John Dodson. In an update to the original story, Dodson’s attorney released a statement that he agreed Burke is a weasel (I’m paraphrasing) and that he did not act alone.

D’uh. Burke is a long-time Democratic political insider who would not take a dump without direct orders, and he probably got those orders from his old boss, Janet Napolitano, who has her own neck in the noose when it comes to this gun-walking nightmare.

Update: Senator Grassley’s office releases a statement.

Senator Chuck Grassley released the following statement after attorneys for former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke acknowledged that Burke leaked a sensitive document to the press regarding a whistleblower who had come forward with allegations of gunwalking.  The document was deemed so sensitive by the Justice Department that it was not provided to Congress, except in a secured room at department headquarters.

In today’s Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing where Attorney General Eric Holder testified, Grassley asked questions about the leaked document and talking points and who was being held accountable.  Holder refused to answer Grassley’s questions.

“Leaking sensitive documents to the press and retaliating against whistleblowers is not good faith cooperation with Congress.  The Justice Department confirmed that the Inspector General continues to investigate the leak which means there are others who may be involved in drafting and distributing the talking points and document to the press.

“The Justice Department should not be allowed to continue scapegoating the one person who has resigned.  We’re in contact with Mr. Burke’s attorneys and will continue to seek additional information about the document leak and retaliatory talking points.”


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