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Iran talks crap to Israel, Iran reports loud explosion

Written By: Bob - Nov• 28•11

Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’:

An explosion rocked the western Iranian city of Isfahan on Monday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported, adding that the blast was heard in several parts of the city.

According to reports, frightened residents called the fire department after the blast, forcing the city authorities to admit there had been an explosion.

Speaking with Fars news agency, Isfahan’s deputy mayor confirmed the reports and said the authorities are investigating the matter. However, after the incident was reported in Israel, the report was taken off the Fars website.

It seems that city authorities and the Iranian government were embarrassed by the reports of a blasts, releasing contradictory versions of the alleged events. One example is a statement given by the same deputy mayor to the Mehr news agency, saying he had no reports of an explosion.

Iran has an alleged nuclear weapons facility outside Isfahan. It would be pity if something happened to it. And quite an odd coincidence that whatever occurred happened just after Iran talked smack to Israel.

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  1. Neo says:

    Iranian PR at it’s best.
    In this day, with high speed communications, you just can’t pull off another “Roswell” and not have it look humorous and stupid, if not downright Mephistophelian.

  2. Tully says:

    Hey, another “accident” at an Iranian military tech facility. Second one this month. What a coincidence.