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Iran threatens ‘150,000 missiles’ if Israel attacks

Written By: Bob - Nov• 28•11

I love the smell of Iranian bombast in the morning. It smells like Israeli victory.

I’d note that the general doesn’t make the claim that all those missiles would be fired from Iran, which probably doesn’t have enough long-range missiles to fire more than a fraction – hundreds or less – at the Jewish state.

No, most of the rockets would be the short-range, technologically crude rockets that they’ve shipped in droves to Lebanon and Gaza to arm Hezbollah and Hamas. There could be thousands, maybe tens of thousands of these, and they could cause significant civilian casualties (they cannot be aimed with any precision at military targets, not that the Arab states care whatsoever about differentiating between Israeli civilians and soldiers).

The choice is still a no-brainer for Israel. Despite the best Iran and it’s terrorist proxies can deliver now, it is still much better to absorb this damage than an Iranian nuclear attack.

If Israel can’t slow down or stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program by stealthy covert means, and cannot topple the crazed Islamists running Iran, then they seem to have little choice but to bomb Iran into submission in self-defense.

It would be wonderful to think that American forces in the Persian Gulf would be in a position to help, but there is little reason to expect support as long as Barack Obama is in the White House.


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