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More than 50 House members call on Holder to resign over Fast and Furious

Written By: Bob - Nov• 18•11

In all honesty 50 is just a marker of the increasing anger at an Attorney General that is either incompetent or a criminal (or both), but it is worth noting.

The number of congressmen calling for Holder’s immediate resignation is now 51. New additions to that list include Republican Reps. Todd Akin and Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri, Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia, Steven Palazzo of Mississippi and Jeff Duncan of South Carolina.

Rep. Westmoreland said Operation Fast and Furious was a disgrace to the American people and that Holder needs to resign immediately.

“Fast and Furious played fast and loose with the American public’s safety, leaving a U.S. Border patrol agent dead and DOJ-purchased guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords,” Westmoreland told The Daily Caller. “To say this program was a failure and an embarrassment to the U.S. justice system is an understatement.”

Holder’s resignation is just a start. Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, was either in on the plot directly (her former chief of staff Dennis Burke was the U.S. Attorney running the operation), or was unaware of a plot to smuggle thousands of weapons over the border it is her job to protect, and is thus incompetent. Ultimately, Barack Obama is responsible for both Cabinet officials and should resign the Presidency, but he’s never taken responsibility for anything in his life and isn’t about to start now.

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