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Naked carry negligent discharge kills VA man

Written By: Bob - Nov• 18•11

An absolutely preventable death of a concealed carry permit holder in Virginia occurred when a man carrying gun in his waistband without a holster shot himself trying to readjust the weapon.

A Spotsylvania County man with a valid concealed-weapon permit died after a semi-automatic pistol without an external safety discharged as he tried to adjust the weapon, which was tucked into his waistband, investigators have concluded.

The 45-year-old man was sitting in the front seat of his family’s minivan in a shopping center parking lot on Sunday when his .40-caliber Glock discharged, authorities said.

“For some reason, maybe for comfort, he reached out and went to adjust it,” said Spotsylvania sheriff’s Capt. Liz Scott. “The detective thinks that in doing so — in just grabbing it — he inadvertently grabbed the trigger.”

This is the second incident in 15 months in Virginia where a CCH permit holder armed with an unholstered Glock has shot himself.

Folks, only idiots naked carry. They make holsters for a reason.


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  1. It’s not like in the old days of concealed carry–there are a dizzying array of options available to put a holster just about anywhere on a human body one might have the space.

  2. Warpiper says:

    The Glock is not very well suited to concealed carry, anyway. With the exception of the slimline models, it is just a little too bulky. I carried the Glock 21 as a cop for about 14 years, but my off duty weapon was a snub Smith. It just did not seem practical or safe to carry the Glock other than in my duty leather.

  3. Phelps says:

    It wasn’t designed to be shoved into a waistband. Period.

    I still remember one of the things Massad Ayoob related from his time on the beat. He had a very fast rule of thumb when meeting an armed citizen while he was on patrol.

    Good guys used holders. Bad guys don’t.

    I use a holster.