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NC Democrat Kissell backs off Fast and Furious promise

Written By: Bob - Nov• 18•11

The NC Democrat is one of 31 Democrats that have gone silent, caring more about taking White House orders than serving their constituents or seeking justice.

North Carolina Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell won’t follow through on a promise he made to the American people  for Operation Fast and Furious accountability, his 2012 challenger told The Daily Caller.

One of Kissell’s 2012 Republican challengers, Richard Hudson, told TheDC that the Democrat’s continued failure to follow through on a June 3 letter to President Barack Obama demanding answers and accountability for Fast and Furious shows Kissell is more interested in playing politics and getting re-elected than he is in the truth.

“What happened in Fast and Furious is an absolute tragedy, but that tragedy was compounded by the failure of the Obama administration to tell the truth about it,” Hudson told TheDC. “It is apparent that Attorney General Holder did not tell the truth when testifying before Congress and that is unacceptable. I wish I could tell you why Larry Kissell doesn’t feel the same way.”

I wonder what his constituents think.

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