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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Obama: I ran for President to serve self-absorbed poo-flinging rapists

Written By: Bob - Nov• 22•11

Why, it’s almost like he’s the kind ¬†of radical to pal around with terrorists.

For the record, Occupiers have been arrested more than 7,000 times in the short life of their movement, and have amassed hundreds of rapes (of both sexes), dozens of violent attacks on police officers, at least three shootings (two fatal, one of those a suicide), multiple outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases, lice, a virulent form of tuberculosis, at least a half-dozen fatal drug overdoses, and generated hundreds if not thousands of pounds of feces in public spaces.

In two months.

Barack Obama is embracing these people. Good luck with that reelection, champ.

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One Comment

  1. Chris says:

    Sadly the Republicans are embracing Romney. Not the conservatives. The Republicans.

    This is the recipe the RNC is using this time to make sure Obama stays in office. They selected John McCain last time. Somehow the doom of choosing John McCain was given a small reprieve when someone chose Sarah Palin. Conservatives came back to a candidate they would normally not wipe their shoes on.

    That won’t happen this time. There will be no conservative or even pseudo-conservative selected for the VP slot. Another “moderate” in the mold of Romney and Huntsman will be chosen. Conservatives will look to third party candidates in numbers not seen since Ross Perot, only this time the numbers will be higher still.

    The RNC has been handed a President so handicapped by his own record that he should be a joke to run out of office. In response they will choose a man so similar to the one they are trying to replace that conservatives will be disgusted and turn their votes elsewhere.

    The RNC is Barrack Obama’s best weapon this election. just like in 2008.