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Obama refuses to provide House investigators with Solyndra docs

Written By: Bob - Nov• 04•11

The White House is refusing point-blank to provide the documents subpoenaed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee investigating potentially criminal behavior by President Obama and his staff:

The White House on Friday all but refused to turn over the documents House Republicans have subpoenaed on bankrupt solar firm Solyndra, firing off a letter saying the request would put an “unreasonable burden on the president’s ability to meet his constitutional duties.”

The feisty response appears to set up a clash between congressional investigators and the White House over the sprawling probe into Solyndra’s finances and the administration’s involvement in the decision to provide the struggling company a $528 million loan with taxpayer money.

White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, in her letter, scolded GOP lawmakers for demanding more documents, noting the Obama administration has already turned over 85,000 pages of documents in the course of their investigation. Without explicitly refusing to comply with the subpoena, Ruemmler repeatedly described the order as “overbroad.”

“The Committee’s extremely broad request for documents — now a subpoena — is a significant intrusion on Executive Branch interests,” she wrote, saying she can only conclude the subpoena was “driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation.”

I don’t doubt for a second that the White House has turned over 85,000 documents. The fact remains that the documents they have turned over are largely irrelevant and designed to wear down investigators, stalling the investigation.

House investigators issued the subpoena because they did to get information that they requested, and now the Administration is attempting to bully their way out of complying with it, hoping that the media will continue to cover for him. And you know what? If Congressional investigators don’t come back with some sort of a strong response – maybe shutting down government until the White House complies – then Obama will continue to behave as a bully and continue his campaign of crony capitalism that enriches his donors at the expense of the economy.

Is this potentially a constitutional crisis between two co-equal branches of government? Not unless House leaders start acting like they are something other than subordinates to an ineffectual stuttering clu-… well you know the rest.

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  1. SouthernRoots says:

    “unreasonable burden on the president’s ability to meet his constitutional duties.”

    He’s too busy on his reelection tour to worry about “constitutional duties”.

    “unreasonable burden on the president’s ability to meet his reelection goals.” FIFY

  2. redc1c4 says:

    Ear Leader is a SCOAMF…

    “Stuttering Clusterf**k Of A Miserable Failure”