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Occupy question

Written By: Bob - Nov• 02•11

A straight-up, honest question: of all of the “Occupy” protests presently occurring in American cities protesting, well, whatever it is they are protesting (even they are unsure about it), are any of them occurring in cities that haven’t been Democratic enclaves for years, if not decades?

I ask simply because the protests seem to be thriving the most where left wing politics have been established the longest, such as New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, etc.

If that is true, what is the correlation, and is there causation?

Put simply, are people in Democratic hellholes angry because the politicians of their parties failed to create “the great society” after a half century of trying?

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  1. Robb Allen says:

    Remember – the left is unhappy with Obama not because he’s killed the economy or wasted trillions of dollars, but because he hasn’t done so in the best way to bring about socialism.

  2. Chsgeecheegirl says:

    Love the new site. Here in Charleston, about 20 to 30 kids did a 99 hour protest. They got all of the required permits, kept the noise down, cleaned up after themselves. The only difference between them and the tea party were the issues. Of course, this is Charleston, even our protest are polite.