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Occupy supporter arrested for threatening life of SC Governor Haley

Written By: Bob - Nov• 25•11

I really wish that so many of my posts on the Occupy movement didn’t walk so close to the definition of domestic terrorism, but stupid is as stupid does.

A North Carolina man has been arrested for allegedly threatening Gov. Nikki Haley last week after she ordered Occupy Columbia protesters off the State House lawn.

Nathan Shafer, 26, of Charlotte is being held in the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center after turning himself in to S.C. State Law Enforcement Division agents today. Kathryn Richardson, a SLED spokeswoman, confirmed the arrest.

Shafer is charged with threatening the life, person or family of a public official. A SLED arrest warrant said he admitted to making the threat.

The idiot had written on Haley’s Facebook page, that, “I hope that someone murders you so I don’t have to … How’s that for freedom of speech?”

Why are progressives so violent? The anger of these groups seems to be rising as their Marxist/Leninist message is being rejected by the American people that correctly view the self-proclaimed “99-percent” as a radical fringe element. I would not be especially surprised if they soon escalate to acts of violence like their ideological peers did in the late 1960s and 1970s.

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