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Report: Fast and Furious body count may be 3,000

Written By: Bob - Nov• 25•11

I’ll warn you up front that I have absolutely no idea how much credibility the Narcosphere has, and I caution that the linked article need to be taken with a huge grain of salt. That said, if it pans out is is a damning indictment of federal law enforcement.

As a result of Operation Fast and Furious, the pleadings assert, about “three thousand people” in Mexico were killed, “including law enforcement officers in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, headquarters of the Sinaloa Cartel.”

Among those receiving weapons through the ATF operation, the pleadings continue, were DEA and FBI informants working for drug organizations, including the leadership of those groups.

“The evidence seems to indicate that the Justice Department not only allowed criminals to smuggle weapons, but that tax payers’ dollars in the form of informant payments, may have financed those engaging in such activities,” Zambada Niebla’s pleadings allege. “…It is clear that some of the weapons were deliberately allowed by the FBI and other government representatives [including the ATF] to end up in the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel and that among the people killed by those weapons were law enforcement officers.

“… Mr. Zambada Niebla believes that the documentation that he requests [from the US government] will confirm that the weapons received by Sinaloa Cartel members and its leaders in Operation ‘Fast & Furious’ were provided under the agreement entered into between the United States government and [Chapo Guzman confidante] Mr. Loya Castro on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel that is the subject of his [Zambada Niebla’s] defense….”

Tell me what you think, folks. Is this story a conspiracy theory posing as a legal defense strategy, or a disinfecting bit of sunshine that shows more into the workings of Operation Fast and Furious?

Previous suppositions by some (me included) were that the primary goal of FF was restricting US guns laws. That, it seems, could have been a “happy accident,” but winning the drug war in Mexico for the Sinaloa’s (and returning a sort of stability to Mexico as a result) seems to be the primary goal of the plot.

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  1. luagha says:

    Eh. The Sinaloa have loads of guns, even high-quality American guns, and can get them from many other sources like bribing military officials or having already infiltrated the military.

    If this was true, the proper forms and authorization would have been filled out with reference to the requirements of the Arms Export Control Act. It has a specific section explaining how to do the paperwork and who has to approve and who gets oversight of undercover arms trafficking just like this.

    We haven’t seen those yet. If they were not done, it’s felonies all around.

  2. Al Reasin says:

    There are a number of government officials that should be arrested and be on trial. This certainly far exceeds the cover up of Watergate which forced out a president; a Republican one though. I remember in Watergate the massive media coverage and daily headlines. With these killings and weapons smuggling, nothing.

    One begins to wonder if the rule of law has any value today in government. Where is the federal prosecutor who values the rule of law and his county over his job. I wouldn’t normally want to see this done, but if a Republican president gets in office, I want these SOBs causing this to be investigated by a special prosecutor since the DoJ will not do its job.

  3. Phelps says:

    200 is bad enough and a very credible number. No need to gild the lilly here.

  4. theBuckWheat says:

    In a different time, Mexico would have rightly considered this an act of war against it by the US.

    And what should We the People think if there is any truth to the idea that F & F was planned in order to diminish one Amendment in the Bill of Rights? It seems that the government official who authorized committed an act of war against that provision and were willing to allow Mexican blood to flow if that was a consequence. Is it treason to only be willing to overthrow part of the Constitution?

  5. RagnarD says:

    Amazing that anyone still believes the viability of the law in the US anymore. Since the Revolution of ’08 we have been living in a Fascist Police State. Just no one wants to admit it.

    Now, queue the apologists in 3..2..1..