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Rising body count spurs calls to end ‘Occupy’ camps

Written By: Bob - Nov• 12•11

There have been seven deaths reported now at Occupy movement camps. The fatalities are mostly drug overdoes, but include a suicide and a murder that apparently occurred over drugs. As a result, there is a rising call to shut down the extended temper tantrum before it gets even worse.

It’s a real shame that these misguided people – generally college-age white kids from middle class backgrounds indoctrinated with fact-free ideologies mixed in with the homeless population – are suffering this way, but I still hold out hope that they will learn something from their experiences.

Admittedly, most people that are dogmatic enough to join this kind of movement for the long haul are zealots immune to any sort of actual new learning. That said, there are enough people coming in and then leaving these camps after a few days or a week to hope that they’ve learned that the philosophies they’ve so gullibly swallowed are horribly wrong in practice.

I suspect that out of each camp there will be the seeds planted for true (classical) liberalism and conservatism in the hearts of at least some of the protestors, and I would not be surprised if some of today’s misguided Occupy youths turn into tomorrow’s Tea Party organizers and leaders.

The Occupy movement is dying, but perhaps it as served to fertilize the ground from whence future conservative leaders will sprout.

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  1. jorgen says:

    before it gets even worse.

    OK so some brain-dead people die. Is that a loss to society?

  2. louielouie says:

    not holding my breath.

  3. Mark L says:

    “not holding my breath.”

    You would if you were upwind from an Occupy camp. At least until you got downwind.