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Say no, Sarah

Written By: Bob - Nov• 27•11

I see via Hot Air this morning that there is a “draft Palin” movement afoot. I’m not wild about the idea, as much as I’m impressed with the former Governor of Alaska.

The media has so savaged her from 2007 until now that she is toxic in the eyes of many voters. Is that a fair characterization of Palin? Absolutely not. But the media that ripped her apart during the last campaign cycle after she was named John McCain’s surprise running mate and which has dogged her ever since with one made-up scandal after another has done and except job in destroying her electability for this election cycle.

If Sarah Palin were to joint the GOP Presidential race now it would only have the effect of further dividing the Republican base. In the unlikely event that she won the nomination or ran as a third party candidate, it is likely that she would hand the Presidency to Barack Obama. Palin is a smart woman, and no doubt decided to sit out 2012 because she came to similar conclusions.

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  1. Larry says:

    And besides…why the hell would she want to put herself through that meat-grinder again?