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Smith & Wesson releases first factory AR in 300 Whisper

Written By: Bob - Nov• 01•11

This is pretty cool.

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that the Company has added a new extension to its Military & Police (M&P) Rifle Series with the introduction of the M&P15 chambered in .300 Whisper.  As the first production rifle in the AR platform to be chambered in .300 Whisper (also chambers .300 AAC Blackout), the new rifle offers sub-sonic and supersonic capabilities while delivering consistent performance and accuracy.

Manufactured on the M&P15 platform, the semi-automatic rifle features a 16” barrel constructed from 4140 chrome-moly steel. Both the forged 7075 aluminum upper and lower receivers have been coated with a Realtree® APG finish for optimal concealment during hunting applications. To aide in precise shot placement, the gas-operated rifle benefits from a 1 in 7.5” twist, 5R rifling and a crisp single-stage trigger. Other standard features include a 10-round magazine, integral one-piece trigger guard, dust cover, forward assist and a six-position, collapsible CAR stock.

“As the popularity of the modern sporting rifle continues to grow, more hunters are seeing the advantages of taking these firearms into the field,” said Mario Pasantes, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Professional Sales. “The M&P15 300 Whisper gives consumers the ability to use either lightweight or heavy cartridges during hunting or recreational applications without changing rifles or barrels.”

I know that there are some people very interested in the capabilities of the 300 Whisper and 300 AAC Blackout, but I have to think that this is even more of a niche cartridge than the 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 SPC, so I’ll be very interested to see how they sell.

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  1. Bob,

    The theory behind the 300 Whisper/Blackout/Fireball is that you can get 7.62×39-level ballistics from the AR platform, using standard GI magazines with reduced capacity.

    It’s my opinion that the real utility is in suppressed applications; most handloaders use the 240gr Sierra Matchking.

    Now, if we could only find Matchkings made of depleted uranium ….

  2. Rob says:

    it’s nothing to do with the 7.62×39…’s to have a high capacity (i.e a 30rd mag holds 30rds) that can go subsonic reliably. this caliber is really made for 16″ and less barrels that get primarily shot with a suppressor

  3. Rob says:

    and as for it being more niche than the 6.8 or 6.5…..obviously the author isn’t aware of the internet….and subsequently has apparently never read a forum. the 300blk is a HUGE up and coming round that is much more accepted than the 6.8 or 6.5 when considering how short of a tmie it’s been on the market

    • Bob says:

      Don’t get me wrong, Rob. I think the 300 BLK is a neat round, and if can get more people interested in suppressed firearms and lead to a push to get them off the NFA list, I am going to turn into a fanboy too.

      That stated, the 300 BLK is, at this moment, more of a niche round than the 6.5 or 6.8. It has some unique properties and capabilities that make it “one to watch,” and certainly meets the needs of the market it was designed to serve, but don’t confuse theoretical popularity with the real-world sales or use that this cartridge currently sees and will have to expand to remain commercially viable.