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The ‘Cain train” appears to derail in weiner swamp

Written By: Bob - Nov• 29•11

He can claim “nein, nein, nein” to every claim of sexual harassment and now an alleged long-term affair, but the volume of accusations has drowned out the questionable credibility of some of the individual accusers, and it seems like the former pizza company CEO is likely to withdraw from the GOP Presidential race.

In a conference call this morning, Herman Cain told his senior staff that he is “reassessing” whether to remain in the race. He will make his final decision “over the next several days.”

UPDATE: National Review was on the call. It lasted five minutes.

“Obviously, you’re all aware of this recent firestorm that hit the news yesterday,” Cain began, his voice somber. “First thing I want to do is say to you what I have said publicly: I deny those charges, unequivocally. Secondly, I have known this lady for a number of years. And thirdly, I have been attempting to help her financially because she was out of work and destitute, desperate. So, thinking that she was a friend — and I have helped many friends — I now know that she wasn’t the friend that I thought she was. But it was a just a friendship relationship.”

At this moment, I have little sympathy for the candidate, and find his claim that there weren’t dalliances suspect.

In any event, Cain vetted himself out of contention – for me at least – with his basic lack of knowledge and intellectual curiosity. He simply doesn’t know enough about domestic or foreign issues to inspire confidence as a leader.

Now, if he can only get Santorum, Huntsman, and Bachmann to call it a day with him…

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