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The ‘Occupy’ movement has failed

Written By: Bob - Nov• 16•11

It’s past time for the media and Democratic Party to face the fact that “Occupy” movement they encouraged and championed has utterly, decisively failed. Based upon the delusion that they represented “99 percent” of the  population, the protestors in various went on to deliver a string of other messages to the World that they never intended.

Occupiers showed that they couldn’t put together something as a simple as a coherent political platform or message, other than that they hated banks (when they weren’t using them) and they hated corporations and billionaires (when they weren’t being funded, fed, and warmed by them).

The incoherent messages from Occupy came scattershot:

  • we hate using toilets, and would rather use police cars or public streets to defecate or urinate.
  • we hate basic personal hygiene
  • we hate violence, except for breaking windows, arson, and bomb and grenade-building.
  • we love recreational drug use
  • we protect rapists, and discourage rape victims from reporting sexual assaults to the police

The list goes on, but why bother?

The outcome is clear: the Occupy movement is the latest failed astro-turfed pack of zealots backed by Democratic politicians, corrupt unions, and a vengeful media hoping to protect the status quo.

The Coffee Party, the Other 95%, Crash the Tea Party, Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream, the AFL-CIO’s Working America and other failed initiatives cannot and will not get traction with the majority of the American public for the simple reason that all of these groups are/were designed to protect institutions that power and serve the left wing political machine. Commies and unions and cronies, oh my.  The public isn’t buying it, and no amount of mainstream media propaganda can sell it.

The Occupy movement is just the latest attempt to portray the radical leftist protectionist racket as a mainstream cause, and it has failed, decisively.


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  1. Mark L says:

    Went from “Animal Farm” to “Lord of the Flies” in just weeks. (Complete with dead Piggies.)