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Think Progress is irate Occupy goons in Chapel Hill face police response for criminal acts

Written By: Bob - Nov• 14•11

Radical left-wing blog Think Progress, which is now proudly boasting its support of the Occupy movement in its masthead, is angry that Chapel Hill, NC Police responded to the criminal acts of anarchists from Occupy Chapel Hill by treating them like potentially violent criminals.

Wielding Assault Rifles, Police Arrest Chapel Hill Occupiers Of Building Left Derelict By Developer

A special ThinkProgress breaking news report from Chapel Hill, NC.

Wielding assault rifles, about 20 police in riot gear stormed a derelict commercial property in the heart of Chapel Hill, NC, on Sunday afternoon, arresting activists who had taken over the space the night before. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, dozens shouted, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” as the arrests were made. The Chapel Hill Transit bus used to transport the arrestees had a Wells Fargo ad, prompting the chant, “Who do they serve? Wells Fargo! Who do they protect? Wells Fargo!”

It should probably come as little surprise at this point that the billionaire-funded blog is not just siding with Marxists and anarchists, but with openly criminal behavior such as anarchist groups breaking into buildings and encroaching on property they do not own.

This suggests that Think Progress is not just in support of the Occupy movement taking over public spaces, but invading private property as well.


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  1. John Richardson says:

    This story reminds me of something the late Sen. Jesse Helms suggested in the 60s that NC should do – build a fence around Chapel Hill. I might add Asheville to that as well.

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    Anyone else hating the way “activist” is used?