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This, apparently, is a problem

Written By: Bob - Nov• 14•11

Vodka tampons and “butt-chugging” by sticking a beer bong up your rectum. This is what some of today’s youth do to get drunk according to the article.

I don’t claim to be an expert on such things, but wouldn’t a soaked-through, vokda-filled tampon be both very difficult to insert, and burn like Hell if you managed to insert it? Why not just pepper spray your cooter while you’re at it?

As for “butt-chugging,”  I find it really difficult to believe that kids today are so utterly without any form of self respect that they’d defile themselves in such a way with their friends. I don’t even want to think about what happens when the alcohol enema decides that it wants to exit.

Quite frankly, I think the reporters got took. This screams urban legend.


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  1. Curly says:

    the alcohol absorbs quicker, straight into the blood stream IIRC. that is why they do it. it’s also a quick way to die of alcohol poisoning from some of the stories I’ve seen in the recent past. young idiots.