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Time to close the doors on Penn State’s football program

Written By: Bob - Nov• 10•11

Anyone with a sense of proportionality and justice has to agree with ESPN’s John Ondrasik when he makes the argument that Penn State’s football program should be shut down if allegations of child rape by an assistant coach are confirmed.

Where does ANYTHING matter when one of the nation’s holiest sports institutions harbored, enabled, and excused a monster who allegedly molested children for more than a decade?

Understandably, there has been a whirlwind of emotion and opinion regarding PSU. Here’s mine:

If what we know is what we think we know, Penn State Football should be shuttered. If the NCAA’s standard for the “Death Penalty” is SMU’s covering up of “recruiting violations” how can there every be another game at Happy Valley?

There will be a time to care about sports again, but it will take a while. What will help is those who are legally liable in the Sandusky case being brought to justice, those who are morally liable shamed by society, and the healing passage of time. (At least for those of us who were not personally affected.)

If it weren’t for the unfairness to the faculty, students, and state, I’d almost be willing to argue that the University itself should be closed, but that would be taking things too far based upon emotion.
Shutting down the football program, however, is an appropriate response to the scandalous behavior of the coaches, the athletic department and university administrators.
As for the students that rioted last night in support of their disgraced former head coach, I am disappointed in them. Their priorities are so screwed up I don’t even know where to begin addressing them.

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  1. John P Squibob says:

    The next shoe to drop is that Sandusky and the Second Mile Foundation was pimping out boys to donors.

  2. Pat C says:

    The rioting PSU students are probably just practicing for their post-graduate lives with Occupy Wall Street. What else are they going to do with a BA in Trans-Gender Victim Studies?

    This makes the OSU/Tressel debacle pale in comparison. I used to be a college football fan, but not after this season.

    Disgusting, all the way around.

  3. Mike says:

    It might be nice IF you waited for an ACTUAL investigation into the ALLEGATIONS before recommending that Penn State be closed! And no I didn’t attend Penn State my money and one of my children did. Nothing like a lynching.

  4. Neo says:

    This is really a problem for all of the NCAA. The quest for dollars by the athletics program under the aegis of the NCAA greases the skids for this kind of coverup.

  5. You’re condemning 600,000 alumni and 45,000 active students because of the actions of one man and the inaction of maybe a dozen more.

    So much for judging people one at a time.

  6. Mark says:

    Today I watched my boss take down his Master’s degree from his wall from Penn State. He refuses to show it. He’s embarrassed and said that he has had a lot of people pick on him saying that he graduated from “Pedophile State University” He is even talking about taking classes again from another school.
    He has 2 sons that are currently attending Penn State. They are both transferring at the end of this semester. I wonder how many others will do the same? How sad.