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Under oath, AG Holder guts Associated Press attempt to conflate Operations Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious

Written By: Bob - Nov• 08•11

I made the charge last week yesterday that on two occasions the Associated Press’s Pete Yost stepped forward to dishonestly insist that the Bush-era weapons interdiction program called Operation Wide Receiver was more or less the same as Obama’s gun-walking Operation Fast and Furious.

AP Washington bureau chief Sally Buzbee responded to my charges by stating:

The AP stands by its story. Government documents indicate the programs under the Bush administration and the Obama administration were similar in their overall goals, overall concept and basic structures: They attempted to use straw buyers to follow guns and track them back up the chain to gain evidence on criminal higher-ups, with the aim of taking out whole networks. We think the memo cited in today’s AP story makes clears the similarities.

We also have clearly outlined the main difference in the programs, again using contemporaneous documents.

Our reporting on this story continues.

Well, my reporting continues as well, Sally, and you can listen to what Attorney General Holder had to say about this attempted conflation when taken to task by Senator John Cornyn today in sworn testimony (h/t Michelle Malkin for the video link, via Twitter).

The fun begins at about 2:50 into the video and goes until about 4:04.

Holder absolutely refuses to equate Operation Fast and Furious and Wide Receiver, does not at all dispute Senator Cornyn’s characterizations of these every different programs, and in fact, states that he agrees with Cornyn’s descriptions of the programs.

I sent an email with a link to the video to the media relations contact at the Associated Press, asking that yost be held to “a standard of factual accuracy” in the future.

I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. styrgwillidar says:

    Holder needs to be extradited to Mexico to face justice there. Would have been interesting to have Mexico’s counterpart to Holder observe the testimony.