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Video: Occupy Seattle protestor defecates on sidewalk in broad daylight

Written By: Bob - Nov• 15•11

If this behavior was really indicative of 99-percent of the U.S. population, you wouldn’t be able to go outside without wearing hip waders and a military-grade gas mask.

This reinforces what we already know: “Occupy” is a fringe movement of radicals that have little common ground with the heart and soul of America… though they certainly seem to find common cause with America’s colon.

Via BreitbartTV.

Update: I had erroneously claimed that the public pooper was an Occupy DC protestor, when in fact he was crapping on Seattle. I apologize for the error.

In sorta-related news, Washington, DC will not evict their craptastic protesters.

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  1. SouthernRoots says:

    Sad to say, but this isn’t DC, it’s Capital Hill in Seattle – part of the Occupy Seattle crowd, or Occupy Wall Street, Seattle branch.

  2. Curly says:

    lovely bunch o folks ain’t they?