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White House struck by gunfire

Written By: Bob - Nov• 16•11

The initial report doesn’t read like anything remotely approaching an assassination attempt, but instead seems connected to a shootout between vehicles a half-mile away earlier in the week.

The Secret Service has found a bullet that smashed a glass window at the White House before being stopped by special anti-ballistic glass shielding the building’s interior, WRC-TV reported late Tuesday night.

It was discovered Tuesday morning, said a Secret Service official who added a second bullet was found outside the building.

The Secret Service has been investigating a shooting that occurred near the White House on Friday, but sources told the station they could not yet confirm that the newly discovered bullets are linked to that incident.

An AK-47-style rifle was recovered from an abandoned car Friday night after Secret Service officers heard shots being fired between two vehicles on Constitution Avenue, about half a mile  from the White House, shortly after 9:00pm.

The President and First Lady were not in Washington at the time of the shooting, and the suspects, including a man identified as 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega, remain at large.

I wonder if we will discover that the AK-pattern rifle was related to Operation Fast and Furious or another gun-walking operation.

Update: Police say Ortega may have been among to protestors of Occupy DC. Yeah… we all saw that coming.

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  1. dad29 says:


    Maybe there WAS ‘a gunfight’ a few blocks away. Stray rounds?

    Happens a lot during deer-hunting season. High-powered rounds….