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Will slow-rolled sex allegations hurt Cain?

Written By: Bob - Nov• 04•11

PJ Media’s Richard Pollack took a lot of heat yesterday for issuing a story that made the most specific allegations of sexual harassment yet against Herman Cain, when corrections to the specific phrasing of the allegations made the charges far less certain. While in my opinion the correction should have been more prominent, the basic allegation that Cain inappropriate took home a junior staffer after a night of partying and she reported it days later has not been challenged by employees of the National Restaurant Association.

This morning, Politico provided more details of  what appears to be a distinct and separate event affecting another woman, where Cain is alleged to have made specific sexual advances at a work function which she immediately reported.

Both of these allegations are serious, but they seem to be having little effect on Cain’s most recent poll numbers, running in a statistical dead heat with Mitt Romney. What is going on?

After the “high-tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas and the Rathergate memo debacle, the public is less forgiving of the MSM and Democratic Party, which have both seen their credibility take a string of significant hits in recent years as their alignment and agenda-sharing has become more transparent. It appears that Republican voters are taking a wait-and-see approach to see if the charges against Cain seem to have merit.

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One Comment

  1. dad29 says:


    We all await the “specifics” of the “specific allegations.”

    So far, what we see is air decorated with inflammatory language–and in the Iowa case, it’s “you HAVE to be kidding”. What? Put extra stuff into a teacup is ‘harassment’?

    I’m not a Cain enthusiast, but ‘harassment’ has now jumped the shark, which is too bad for women who have real harassment problems to deal with.