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You won’t be fried, you’ll just freeze

Written By: Bob - Nov• 14•11

NASA reassures us that a massive solar flare cast off by the sun won’t fry earth next year. Your tax dollars at work, folks, brought to you by a space agency that can no longer put people into space.

The most disturbing part of the article for me is that while they downplay the nonexistent threat of a lethal flare, they also completely gloss over the far more serious threat of what could happen in the event of a coronal mass ejection resulting from a more likely smaller flare.

…These can induce electric fluctuations at ground level that could blow out transformers in power grids, and can also collide with satellite electronics systems and cause disruptions.

“In an increasingly technological world, where almost everyone relies on cell phones and GPS controls not just your in-car map system, but also airplane navigation and the extremely accurate clocks that govern financial transactions, space weather is a serious matter,” says NASA.

“But it is a problem the same way hurricanes are a problem. One can protect oneself with advance information and proper precautions.”

One cannot protect oneself from a CME with several days of advance notice. It would take years of hardening the power grid to withstand the pulse, and while a downed electrical grid would kill 90-percent of the U.S. population within a year according to some estimates, our government prefers to ignore it or gloss over it, much as NASA has done here.

This kind of gross negligence of our grid by the government – which I’ve read would be relatively inexpensive to remedy – is the kind of thing that has caused the “prepper” movement to continue to grown and mainstream to the point you can buy long term survival rations in big box stores. Intelligent people don’t put faith in our government, nor should they.

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