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A year ago, Fast and Furious came undone

Written By: Bob - Dec• 13•11

Don’t expect to hear much about this in the NY Times or Washington Post today. It’s factual.

One year ago today, The Washington Post published its “Hidden Life of Guns” article exposing how under-regulated gun sales along the Mexican border were sending firearms into that country feeding its crime and instability.

The paper’s four-reporter team operated as full-partners of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives PR department receiving internal statistics, documents and even an interrogation video.

One of the two gun stores were correctly singled out by the Post: Lone Wolf in Arizona and Carter Country in Texas. But, one year later, we know it was for the wrong reasons

It was on a Dec. 13 Houston’s KRIV-TV news broadcast that the lawyer for Carter Country, responding to that morning’s report in the Post, made the outrageous charge that agents from the BATFE actively encouraged reluctant Carter Country employees to sell weapons to suspected “straw purchasers.”

The charges were ignored by The Washington Post and everyone else, and would have stayed ignored, if not for the events of the following night.

The following night, a rip crew led by an FBI criminal informant killed BORTAC agent Brian Terry in Peck Canyon, AZ, starting a chain of events that ultimately began to unmask the Obama Administration’s gun-walking and money laundering operations on behalf of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

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