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Another “Occupy” murder to add to the list of crimes

Written By: Bob - Dec• 27•11

Jim Hoft now puts the Occupy-related body count at 9.

I don’t think the media would be as generous as Hoft if the dead were Tea Partiers, and so I would include murders and suicides committed by Occupiers away from the camp to add two more bodies, and put the body count at 11.

The deaths from murders, suicides, and drug overdoses at Occupy encampments are just the most obvious crimes among these “pacifists.” Several have been arrested for arson, several have been arrested for making hand grenades, and many have been found with makeshift weapons.

Rapes of both sexes are common enough that they’ve developed policies to handle things internally (like any good cult), and total arrests for assault, drug violations, and other mischief is measures in the hundreds at some individual locations and in the thousands overall.

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