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Ashura suicide bombings leave dozens dead in Afghanistan

Written By: Bob - Dec• 06•11

This sort of sectarian violence is actually new in Afghanistan.

Two of the attacks — in Kabul, where dozens died, and in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, where four were killed — were carried out by suicide bombers on foot. A third attack, in the southern city of Kandahar, used a bomb hidden on a parked motorcycle, but no one was killed.

Dr. Ghulam Sakhi Kargar, the spokesman for the Afghan Public Health Ministry, said 54 people were killed in the Kabul bombing and 164 wounded and admitted to hospitals. Gen. Abdul Zahair, head of the criminal investigation division of the Kabul Police Department, put the death toll at 56 in Kabul, with similar numbers of wounded. Both officials said that many of the wounded were in very critical condition so the death toll may rise still further. Dr. Kargar said victims were taken to every hospital in Kabul.

Question: Do these attacks have anything to do with a view that the recent explosions in Iran show that the most dominant Shiite state is a week horse, and that Shiites can be attacked without fear of retaliation?

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