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ATF Agent to Attorney General Holder: “you make me ashamed to be an American”

Written By: Bob - Dec• 13•11

Nicedeb has a blog entry linking to a recent post by an ATF Agent in Mexico on the BATFE whistleblower forum CleanUpATF in response the the Attorney General’s dissembling performance in front of the House Judiciary Committee last Thursday.

An Open Letter to Attorney General Holder

Dear AG Holder:

From deep inside Mexico, thanks to streaming video, I was able to watch and listen to the entire House Judiciary Committee hearing. I’m a registered Independent – not Republican and not Democrat, so this is a non-partisan commentary. As I write this, my life, and the lives of my family members are more at risk becase of the reckless actions of you and your ATF buddies allowing, facilitating and even paying for firearms to be smuggled into Mexico for criminals.

Wow! You really made points with us when you refused to acknowledge you were under oath.

How many times did you answer “I don’t know”? You must be the most “know nothing” Attorney General in history.

Funny, you had the answers for all the other issues brought up during the hearing…..

You said those who created “Fast & Furious” will be held accountable, but you still don’t know who did it and no one will be fired? You have to consider their overall service to the department???? Do you consider their overall service for any other crime?

It’s been nearly a year since you assigned the investigation of Fast & Furious to the DOJ IG, although not in writing. Interesting. So, the DOJ is investigating itself? How long does it take for the IG to investigate? Is this the same IG that cooked up the false $16 muffin story? Is this the same IG that took (as gospel) ATF’s word that 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico and traced came from the U.S. – statistics later discredited – by ATF themselves?

We watched and listened as you and your Democrat sycophants on the Committee parroted the same tired scripted mantra praising you for advancing gun control and begging for more gun regulations and more ATF funding. The same old figures were quoted about how many guns were traced from Mexico. Did your figures include all the duplicate traces from Mexico? All the.22 rabbit rifles and farmer’s shotguns that Mexico traced? Did they include 100 year old guns used by Pancho Villa? Did you explain that the average age of those guns traced from Mexico is over 14 years? ATF calls that “time to crime”, but may have nothing to do with a crime.

Did you explain that as far back as 1992, and as recently as 2009, the Congressional Research Service warned against the use of statistics from ATF’s tracing system? Did you also not read their warning, “The ATF tracing system is an operational system designed to help law enforcement agencies identify the ownership path of individual firearms. It was not designed to collect statistics.”? Or did you simply ignore it?

Did you explain that the new multiple rifle regulation which you are so strongly supporting would not have stopped a single Fast & Furious gun from being smuggled to Mexico? And won’t stop any future smuggling? And the multiple rifle purchase report requirement is so overly-broad that it includes 50 to 100 year old rifles of interest only to collectors – which will now be reported as ‘crime guns’? What’s with that? Oh, yeah….. Those sales are now permanently ‘registered’ in ATF registration databases. Was this supposed to be “under the radar”, too?

Did you explain why your buddies at ATF are reporting personal information (name, address, height, weight, date of birth, drivers license number, etc.) of totally innocent American gun owners to corrupt Mexican cops – through eTrace? Enough information for ID theft? These gun owners may have disposed of the guns many years ago – but ATF still reports the original owner as a ‘suspect’ to Mexican cops. Thanks a lot. That makes me feel really good while I’m here in Mexico…..

Have you forgotten that in Mexico, you’re guilty until proven innocent?

So this is the “Most Transparent Administration” in history? Well, on that issue, that’s right. With your performance in front of the Committee, and your obstruction of justice and obfuscation of the issues, you were completely transparent. Everyone could see right through you. And you’re refusing to release any more documents? What could be more transparent than that? Wow!

Watching you in front of the Committee, for the first time in my life, you make me ashamed to be an American. Hell, Watergate was easier to understand….., and people didn’t die. How many people are going to be killed as a consequence of Fast & Furious?

How do I explain to my Mexican friends and associates why ATF has illegally armed Mexican criminal gangs? And no one has gone to jail, or been fired, or suspended, or even identified…..?

Isn’t that great for international relations…..

Mr. Attorney General, you will be held accountable – by the American People.

(Name Withheld – still in Mexico)

That agent isn’t the only ATF agent that has totally lost faith in Attorney General Eric Holder, as the full thread that open letter was pulled from can attest. Morale at the Department of Justice is as low as it has been in decades, and that is entirely the result of the criminal behavior of top DOJ brass, agency directors, lawless supervisors and a paranoid “snitch culture” that has pervaded what has become a heavily politicized Department under the Obama Administration.

Eric Holder is a disgrace to American law enforcement, and the rank and file federal agents that work under him have voiced their own “no confidence”  votes by blowing the whistle on criminal operations carried out on his watch with the blessing of his top officials and more than likely with Holder’s direct knowledge.

The U.S.  Department of Justice has become a criminal enterprise under the Obama Administration, and continues to run more like the mafia than a law enforcement organization.

There will eventually be accountability, but that will in no way make up for the hundreds of lives already lost as agents of the Obama Administration conspired to arm and fund narco-terrorists in Mexico.

Impeachments must occur, and those responsible must face criminal charges as well. If not, Justice is dead in America, and the DOJ is just another criminal enterprise.

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  1. rumcrook says:

    Scooter libby did nothing, gallery plane wasn’t an under cover agent, she was a Washington debutante elite and they howled like ravenous dogs until he was jailed and destroyed.
    Flip to a demorat and you see holder and co. Responsible for an American agents death and the calculated murders of hundreds of Mexicans they had to know would be killed,

    And nothing. We are well on our way to a two tier system of justice.

    One for Obama regime cronies and another for the rest of us……

  2. bordergal says:

    The Obama regime has to end. Impeachment? I hope so, if it doesn’t mean he will eventually be elevated to celebrity status as has Bill Clinton. However, Clinton’s acts are nothing compared to the arrogance of this “president” we have now who is anything but presidential. His insidious web of lies and deception, his purposeful undermining and disrespect of American values and strengths, his intentional encouragement of race and class division, his total disregard for our Constitution are appalling and down right scary. He has flippantly endangered our country, our well being and even our very lives. I have no doubt that Fast and Furious had his full approval and now we are all at risk. I live 80 miles from the border of Mexico. The area’s largest employer is the U.S. Border Patrol. Why should these dedicated men and women have any confidence in their safety and believe anyone is covering their back when someone like Eric Holder is either lying through his teeth and/or hopelessly and completely incompetent? We, the people, should not be ashamed to call ourselves Americans as the anonymous ATF agent despaired, we need to be shouting to the world that this administration is not representative of who we are, and we should be screaming bloody murder – for Brian Terry – and for the removal of these criminals who comprise our present “leadership.”