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College contemporary says Obama was a committed Marxist-Leninist

Written By: Bob - Dec• 12•11

Well, at least he’s consistent:

But is it really fair to suggest he may be a Marxist? Or was there evidence for it all along?

Well, consider the words of John Drew, a man whom writer Paul Kengor calls “Obama’s Missing Link.” A contemporary of Obama’s at Occidental College three decades ago, Drew says that he himself was a Marxist at the time — and part of Obama’s inner circle. And what does he reveal?

Obama was an “ardent” “Marxist-Leninist” who “was in 100 percent, total agreement with [his] Marxist professors,” said Drew.

In fact, Drew states that while he was a more nuanced Marxist who tried to convince Obama that old-style communist revolution was unrealistic in the West, the future President would have none of it and considered Drew a “reactionary.”

It’s amazing how little interest the mainstream media has in Barack Obama’s life. They don’t care about his college transcripts, his long-time church, his record of association with political radicals, or any other aspect of him life, public or private, that doesn’t tout his exceptional and often media-fabricated life story.

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  1. Veeshir says:

    You could have shortened that headline a lot.

    “College contemporary states obvious”